Monthly Archives: September 2014

What is rational?

Am I a rational thinking adult or am I in fact nothing more than a jerk dinosaur? An out of touch, unsympathetic prehistoric ignoramus?

I believe that I more resemble the former and can quite soundly formulate rational thought. Others however, say my wife and my daughter, tend to view my ideology with derision.

For example. If I have a dislike for someone, whether they be a relative or not, then I won’t contemplate being anywhere near that person for any length of time. Some how this way of thinking, which I believe to be logical, offends the wife when I refuse to attend gatherings where that person would be present.

What sort of sick and twisted person can give up most of their day to visit and socialise with those they have contempt for? Yes, I understand that for the sake of hospitality and politeness one sometimes has to square the jaw and be a diplomat in order to keep up appearances.

I would rather be honest to myself and not attend than expend unnecessary energy leading a lie.

Can I not independently exercise free thought to lead an uncomplicated and less complex life? I love to live a slow paced and simplistic existence.

For me it is quite normal and less controversial to give a nod of the head to your enemy as a common curtesy than to embrace them while secretly wanting to stuff a live crocodile in their bed. Hem.

Maybe, despite being centuries old, I still have a lot to learn.